Cleaning Tips for Kids

Tired of always picking up after your kids? Kids can be a mess but they can be also great help around the house if they can follow a “routine”. Children have to rely on a routine to help them get through each day effectively. Telling your kids to “clean their room” or “clean the bathroom” may not produce good results unless they are shown “how” to tidy up and then continue that routine on a weekly basis. Try the following guide on a weekly basis to help your child develop responsibility while keeping your house tidy at the same time.

1.Keep a hamper in the bathroom for dirty clothes. Encourage your child to USE the hamper.
2.Encourage your child to make their own bed on a daily basis. Tell them their mom will REALLY love them if they change the sheets too!
3.Kids LOVE furniture polish (use green products)! Have them dust furniture on a weekly basis.
4.Kids love helping with dishes, let them help by rinsing or drying dishes and putting them away neat and organized.
5.Show your child how to use a vacuum!
6.Remind your children to always remember to put things back where they belong as soon as you are finished using them.

Always be positive with your kids, tell them that you will be so proud of them for cleaning and doing chores by themselves. Reward them with a treat if they do a good job. Explain to your children that cleaning and keeping a routine is very important, reason being–as they get older, they will have their own apartment or home. They will find out that if everything is always put away where it belongs, they will find it faster when they need it. They will always know where to look for it and they will save a lot of money by not having to go out and buy another one when they must have it. See how smart this is! 10 minutes a day is all you need to start establishing a good cleaning routine with your children. Not only are you preparing them for life in general, you are also strengthening your bond with your child. Happy Cleaning!

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